Holy shit. 

How on earth did it get to august already. Well i know how, but it’s a bit of a shock. I’ve been taking stock of myself the last few days. And during my ride yesterday i realised that i am getting nowhere fast. This way i am living at the moment is quick sand.  I am not going anywhere near where i want to be heading in life and that truly is frustrating. That seems to be a big part of my life currently. Frustration. As i said yesterday, the point for me at least is to live a life of my on choice. Which i am. Clearly however it is not full of good choices if this is the general sentiment of my existence. 

Today I’m sat in the as yesterday, drinking coffee and water as I’m skint until i get paid. It’s freaking hot today, and last night was shocking. I woke this morning at 0530 and it was 29°c. Sleep was fleeting shall we say. 

I had a great ride yesterday, pulled a 100km ride right out of nowhere. Just felt good, which is nice it was the first time in a while i felt good and strong. Which is odd as i didn’t really eat that much the day before or before the ride. Still the simpleness of cycling is so very good. The clarity i get is wicked. I mean it all comes crashing back in when i stop. But at least i get silence for a while at least. 

Now I’ve been asked by two different people to go and do mini tours with them. I find that very humbling. How nice is it that people want to take me along and share an amazing experience like that with me. Issue is I’m poor. Ahaha. Alas, let’s just see what happens. On a personal touring note I’ve already got the major itch. Had it for a while now, Instagram provides a daily wave of hey Adam the world is out there waiting for you. But to do any of these i need some dirty cash money. So I’ll have to figure that bit out. 

In other news had a death in the extended family. I was informed by my mother just the other day. We spoke at length and one thing that caught my attention was how good the person lived the life he had. At the end he filled it with friends and family. It left me thinking.


I am going for a ride!


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