Dangerous times.

I woke up this morning with the “Oh Monday!” Feeling. 

I don’t​ have to work today, or tomorrow and Wednesday not until 1900. And yet the arrival of a new week had me filled with dread. Ok dread might be a little strong, but definitely a sense of can’t be fuckedisiss. Which in my world is a bad thing. As i want to be living a life of my choosing, it would however seem that as it stands my choices have led me here. 

Had a super quiet evening at work last night. Was hoping to close at 2300, alas that was not to be the case. I sent Naxi home at 2200 as we only had one table of two people and she has a new cat. Well low and behold i was kicking people out at midnight to the usual moans and groans. I always find it interesting when the shoe is on the other foot looking at people in bars late at night. They get so indignant that they can’t keep going. After working bar now for a while I’d like​ to think that I’m a little better now. Those kind of thoughts however can be misleading! I am fully aware of that. 

So here it is again monday morning, well it’s actually just gone afternoon. I’m drinking coffee and looking out at the beach. People all over the place like cockroaches, sunning themselves to the point they change colour. It makes me wonder why we honestly have any issue with the colour of anyone elses skin colour. White as ghost people arrive here during the summer and leave pink. But the idea is to darken the skin. And yet these same stupid fucks have problems with others who have a different colour. I hate these retards. 

Anyway. Sorry about that out burst. 

Apart from that I’m having a shit time on Instagram at the moment. I wanted to push hard towards getting 10000 followers by the end of this year, and whilst still obtainable i am fully stuck just under 1600 which is freaking miles away from where i wanted to be. And to be honest I’m a little disheartened with the whole venture. 

I’ve also got my best friend ready to start up a blog. I’ve set her a challenge to write a minimum of 300 words each post all this month just so she can get her writing moving. You know, just like me the prolific writer and poster i am. Oh the rediculousness of it all. 

Ok everyone. Happy Monday. 


I am going for a ride!


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