The tour ends.

It’s Sunday, the 23rd of July. It marks the end of the tour de France. 3 of the hardest weeks of stage racing on the professional calendar. 

Not that i have been there racing. But i am an avid viewer and now after three weeks it’s all drawing to a close. Sad times. Now us cycling junkies have to wait until the start of the Vuelta a Espana later in the year. 

Now apart from that it’s been a pretty quiet time I’ve been having. Been a little I’ll of late. Still am actually, nothing serious just a weird summer time cold or perhaps due to the air conditioning I’m in and out of all the time. Alas, it could always be much worse. 

I’ve been working on my peg pusher. Had a surprisingly expensive quote come through for 3d printings few test pieces. You see i want to make a few and send them out to some of the people i follow on Instagram. Get them to use and abuse them and tell me if they are any good. Get some feedback​, then move forward from there. So we shall see. I mean i really like the idea. However if they are going to be as expensive as the test pieces then I’m not sure that it’ll be able to make them be cost viable to sell. That being said perhaps if they are freaking awesome then i can batch make them and get better pricing. Time will tell on that. 

I am going for a ride.


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