Hat return.

A few nights ago. A few friends gathered on a lovely rooftop terrace in the hip area if Santa Catalina, Palma. 

Good food and laughs followed, as did a few beers. This is the story of an unlikely hat swap. 

As we sat around and the time went by we discussed, farming and animals, life and adventures. Friendship and love. In one of the conversations i was speaking of cycling touring and how much i enjoy it and cannot wait to get back out on my bike and live that life again. A few beers later myself and Andrew swapped our favourite hats with each other under a promise of me cycling to drop his off in the cold dark north of Alaska. 

And so my new bike trip has been fully justified. 

From here on out it will be planning, repairs, training oh and most importantly saving money. My plan, as it stands in my head right now is to do the same thing i tried last time in to get to the USA. Which was grab a delivery across the Atlantic and get paid for the task. Perhaps one two if possible. From there do a few weeks or months work in ft Lauderdale or surroundings and move out mid Jan. Slowly moving towards the north!

Hats are a thing for me. I love my cycle caps. Journeys are important to, as are goals. Perhaps this one will break me out of this fuck I’ve been in recently. Maybe not. But at least it’s something to focus on. 


I am sick and going to bed!


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