One of the great things about my life here.

Is the sense of community that i have. It has been made better still by the recent Rapha clubhouse. As you’ll have read, i have issues with the people at my work. Not the staff but the clients. 

Skip forward to going to the clubhouse and we talk, gears, routes, suffering. The difficulty of trying to drink enough water to stay hydrated in this heat. The fact that this climb is shaded but that one is open. 

I don’t know many of the people there by name, yet! But i get a true feeling of belonging in there. You see these people are my tribe. 

I love cycling. I ride every day. Come rain, hail or as we have now sun. It’s my thing and am very lucky to have found it. It has great ability to keep you healthy and humble. As no matter how strong you think you may be. There is always someone out there who will kick your arse. It also keeps me as a person sane. My mind switches off after being on the bike for anything over about 40 mins. By that i mean it clears as with meditation. A lightness of thought. Nothing else but pedal, breathe do i need a drink. That’s it. Simple. 

The good thing about community is that it gives you a sense of belonging. 

I’ve been hunting for that for years. 


I am going for a ride!


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