Sunday coffee

So i sit. 

Drinking coffee. 

It’s 32°c in the shade. 

The coffee is hot. 


I’ve been, as you may have noticed a little lax with my writing over the last few days. I’m not making any excuses here. Ive been out riding alot. As mentioned in a previous post I’ve been working towards the Rapha Rising challenge. 

Which yesterday i knocked out of the park. 4600 m of climbing completed. And I’ll be honest i feel pretty good about it. 

You see I’d been pretty lazy ony bike the last few months. Ok so a broken road bike didn’t help. But let’s be honest i have another bike. It’s odd, well i find it odd at least that that is the way i let myself slide. 

I love riding my bike. It’s my favourite part of bicycle touring. The fact that for 8, 9, or 10 hours a day i can ride along with very little else to worry about. It’s nigh on perfect.  

But today i am going to have a rest day. So coffee it is. But it’s Sunday again and i have to work at 1600. I finished last night just before 0200 and after cycling home didn’t sleep that well. I awoke this morning with this thought. 

What do most people do with life. 

Straight off the bat it’s a heavy thought. And i ask it due to the fact I’ve got fuck all to do today before work. So i just have to fill my fucking time before trudging to serve drunk fucktards all day. Perhaps you can see my concern. 


I am going for a ride.


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