I used to be so good in the am. 

Nowadays however my mornings look something like this. 

  • Shit it’s hot
  • Ok gotta get up
  • Eurgh can’t be fucked
  • Check Instagram
  • Throw pillow to arm chair
  • Climb out of hammock and stretch. 

The thing is most days i have this weird feeling in the top of my brain. It’s like a thin film. Just sat there, holding back the process of me waking up in the morning. It generally lasts for a while. Somewhere between, 30mins and 1:30hrs. I hate it. Now of course this might be to do with getting older. As i, the same as you, get older every day and there is currently bugger all we can do about it. It’s so very frustrating. 

The thing is though that i do not believe that it is my age. I think it is more to do with how i sleep and the way i wake up. Also most likely the way i am feeling at the moment in regards to my life and the situation i am in. 

Also it maybe to do with the fact i drink. So I’ll give that up for a month and see how that works out. 


I’m going for a coffee ride. 


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